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Price: US$6,111.99
Model No. F230
Type VTOL Fixed Wing
Color White as defualt (Support customization)
Wingspan 2300mm
Length 1250mm
Belly to Ground 80mm
Battery Cabin 20×10×6cm
Material Carbon fiber + glass fiber +PVC
Airframe Weight 4kg(contains the power)
MTOW 8.2kg
Max Payload 1.3kg
Suggested Load 1kg
Flight Time 160min no payload, 120min with 1kg payload
Max Cruising Speed 90km/h
Stall Speed 50km/h (14m/s)
Max Flight Altitude 3000m
Max Wind Resistance 12m/s (fixed wing), 8m/s (VTOL)
Battery (Recommended) 1* 6S 30000mAH Li-ion
Working Temperature -10-45°с
IP Grade IP44
Package Chargable Size 118×29×32cm