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Price: US$3,999.00
Model No. M72
Type Quadrotor
Color White
Expanded Dimension 720*720*300mm
Batter Compartment Size 200*90*100mm
Device Compartment Size 150*70*30mm
Wheelbase 720mm
Belly to Ground 30cm
Material Carbon fiber
Airframe Weight 800g(fuselage only)
MTOW 6kg
Max Payload 2.5kg
Suggested Load Q10N, Z10TIR,Q10T
Max Flight Time 60min (with Viewpro Q10N camera)
Max Flight Speed 15m/s (55KM/H)
Max Ascending Speed 5m/s
Max Descending Speed 3m/s
Max Flight Altitude 3000m
Max Wind Resistance 12m/s(grade 4)
Battery (Recommended) 1* 6s 30000mah Li-ion battery
Working Temperature -10°C — 40°C
IP Grade IP44
Package Size Backpack: 65*61*21cm