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Classification Product Number Juno M155
Basic Information Model Hexacopter
Wheelbase 1550mm
High 580mm
Airframe Weight 6.5kg(without battery and mount)
Package Size for Fuselage 780×660×245mm
Package Size for Arms&Props 825×360×200mm
Features Lithium Battery 25000mAh×6S×2
Empty Weight 11.5Kg
Maximum Load 10Kg
Maximum Takeoff Weight 21Kg
Flight time 75min without load
Route Speed 0~15 m/s
Sea Level Climb Speed 0~4m/s
Altitude Ceiling 5Km
Image Transmission and
Communication Distance
Operating Temperature -20°C~60°C
Maximum Wind Resistanc Level 6
Working Environment Working Humidity 10%-90% No Condensation
Dustproof and Waterproof Rating  IP54
Electromagnetic Interference 100A/m(power frequency magnetic field)

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