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About S.Bus

1. Q: Gimbal has no respond to S.bus control?

Case 1: The gimbal is with very old CONN board (chipset is not 303, or purchased before 20190715)

Answer: Not support S.Bus control.

Case 2: The gimbal is a new CONN board (blue CONN version)


1. Check whether the wiring is correct

2. Reset S.Bus control

3. Test the S.Bus function. If only half functions are supported, upgrade the CONN board to the latest software.

Case 3: After setting the S.bus channels in the gimbal, only one side works.

Answer: The gimbal during 20190715–20200515 needs to upgrade the CONN board program and use the latest S.Bus setting method to solve the problem. 

2. Q: How to reverse the signal of S.bus channel?

Answer: Set by serial command AA 55 1A IV FF、AA 55 1B IV FF

3. Q: Whats the PWM control standard?

Answer: The ESC can recognize PWM pulse width between 1ms-2ms. 1ms is the lowest for throttle, 2ms is the highest of throttle. 1.5ms is the middle.