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About Us

About Us

Who we are

ViewproUAV focuses on turn-key drone solutions and one-stop service for UAV platforms. With the veteran UAV team, we provide not only R&D, assembly, tuning and flight test service before delivery, but also professional and satisfying training and technical support after sales service.


The main UAV platforms we provide include:

● Electric VTOL fixed wings

● Hybrid VTOL fixed wings

● Hybrid fixed wing

● Rotary-wing drones (including quadrotor, hexacotper, octocopter...)

And also drone peripheral products such as various drone payloads, flight controllers, ground control stations, data link & video transmitters, batteries, etc.

Our versatile drone platforms are widely applied to diverse industrial and commercial applications (surveillance, firefighting, search&rescue, first respond, patrolling, inspection, delivery, mapping & survey, etc) in various domains (defence&security, energy, environment protection, research, logistics, infrastructure and construction, etc). Mainly made of carbon fiber, our lightweight and rigid drone platforms greatly improved productivity while reducing cost and guarantying labor safety.

Why Choose

Why Choose

Besides the experienced UAV team, ViewproUAV is also supported by Viewpro Ltd  which is a worldwide leadership company of drone gimbal cameras for industrial and commercial UAV. Viewpro is the Top 1 professional manufactory for zoom camera payloads in China. It’s professional R&D team with technical know-how developed and improved almost 100 models gimbal cameras for drone. They have rich experience on integrating the payloads with various autopilot, datalink and GCS / RC. This unique background effectively improved the capability of ViewproUAV on drone integration to provide customers ready-to-fly solutions with any combinations for any applications. The after-sales technical support is also guaranteed in professionalism and timeliness.

Moreover, ViewproUAV is located in Shenzhen city that has 3 ports and is just one river next to HongKong. The unique geographical advantage supports ViewproUAV to provide clients much faster delivery with lower shipping cost.

We have been cooperated with thousands partners and customers from all over the world and received lots of trusts and positive commends. Wish to provide our professional supports to more and more people to increase the productivity and reduce integration cost. Looking forward to supporting you as well!