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Series Port TTL Connection

1. Q: How to test the provided USB to TTL cable?


(1) The PC needs to install the serial port driver. After connecting USB end to the PC, check the “Device Manager”-”Port”-”USB-SERIAL CH340 (COM x)” to confirm the correct COM port.

(2) If there is no “USB-SERIAL” icon, please install the serial port TTL driver.

(3) After installing the driver, connect the wire TX and RX of the cable together, use the serial port assistant to send data to check whether the serial port environment is normal or not. If it can receive what it just sent to itself, means the cable is normal. 

2. Q: How to solve the problems that serial port does not work? 

Case 1: Use the provided USB to TTL cable, can control gimbal, but no feedback

Answer: Re-connect both ends of the cable and try again. If there is still no feedback, test the TX-RX of the cable itself (Re. 2.1 How to test the provided USB to TTL cable?). Check if the sent and received data is consistent or not to confirm if the cable is good or not. If the cable is normal, restart the gimbal, and try again. If it is still abnormal, it may be the wiring is an open circuit inside the gimbal. For standard version gimbal, re-connect the 15pin cable on control box. For Viewport version, re-connect the serial port wiring terminal and re-connect the Viewport.

Case 2: Standard version: The yellow jumper cap on the CONN board is off, can not control the gimbal (pitch and yaw), but the camera control (zoom and record) is normal.

A: Need to make short-circuit at the jumper cap position.

Case 3: Standard version: The gimbal is under S.Bus mode, meantime the serial port cannot communicate.

Answer: Follow the related instruction to recover serial port control.

Case 4: Gimbal can not communicate via TCP/TTL.

Answer: Test the gimbal by PWM control. If the camera cannot be controlled, and the program light on the CONN board does not flash, probably the CONN hardware is damaged, return to factory for repair.

Case 5: Standard version: Can control gimbal but not the camera

Answer: 1) Check if the software of the gimbal is match or not, e.g. the cameras (Z40K, Z-Fusion pro, Q30XIR) have 2 baud rates, need to pay attention to this point.

2) Check if the communication from camera RX to CONN board TX is OK or not. If not OK, need to repair.

3) If the communication from camera RX to CONN TX is OK, switch a CONN board of same model (if it’s available) to test, or remove the diode D20 on CONN board and test again.

4) If still not works after all above operations, probably the camera module is broken.