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  • OM400 OmniDrive Intelligent Drive-by-Wire UGV: The Full Scene Application Solution
    Post time: 04-12-2024

    Multi-Scenario Adaptability: Whether indoors or outdoors, the OM400 effortlessly adapts to various complex environments, offering comprehensive monitoring and application solutions. Intelligent Navigation: Equipped with intelligent navigation systems, the OM400 achieves autonomous navigation and ...Read more »

  • Viewpro’s Success at DRONE SHOW KOREA 2024: Setting New Standards in Innovation!
    Post time: 03-20-2024

    Viewpro successfully concludes its participation in DRONE SHOW KOREA 2024! We are thrilled to announce this achievement! The event took place at BEXCO Busan from Mar 6th to 8th, 2024, where we occupied Booth No. F09 and proudly showcased our leading products and technolo...Read more »

  • Discover the Next Wave: Experience the S110 Surveying Boat Unmanned Surface Vehicle!
    Post time: 02-27-2024

    Introducing a new era of lightweight, miniaturized, and modular unmanned watercraft! Fully customizable to suit your specific needs, the S110 seamlessly integrates advanced features such as ADCP, a multi-parameter water quality analyzer, depth sounder, mapping, and much more. With these versat...Read more »

  • Viewpro’s Groundbreaking Innovations Steal the Spotlight at Defense & Security 2023 Exhibition!
    Post time: 11-13-2023

    The Defense & Security 2023 Exhibition has come to a triumphant close, leaving attendees astounded by the groundbreaking innovations unveiled by Viewpro. Nestled in the heart of Bangkok, Thailand, from November 6-9, 2023, this event has undoubtedly left an indelible mark on the landscape of d...Read more »

  • Explore Viewpro’s Latest Innovation at Defense & Security 2023
    Post time: 10-20-2023

    I am delighted to extend an invitation to you to visit our booth at the upcoming 2023 Defense & Security Exhibition. The exhibition is scheduled to take place from November 6th to 9th, 2023, at the IMPACT Exhibition and Convention Center in Muang Thong Thani, Thailand. You can locate us at B...Read more »

  • How agriculture drone are spread around the world.
    Post time: 09-25-2023

    Now days, agriculture income is one of the most important main income for so many countries. As we all know, the traditional way to spray and survey the crops are inefficient and high cost. It is need so many people to govern a farm. So as the technology develop and innovate, drone is a good opti...Read more »

  • Innovative Long-Endurance Helicopter UH191S Redefines Aerial Exploration
    Post time: 08-23-2023

    Cutting-edge technology meets exceptional endurance in Viewpro’s latest offering Viewpro, a renowned name in aviation technology, has unveiled its latest creation, the UH191S Long-Endurance Helicopter. This groundbreaking innovation is set to transform the world of aerial exploration, offer...Read more »

  • Viewpro’s Successful Showcase at the 16th International Industry Fair in Turkey
    Post time: 07-29-2023

    We are excited to announce the successful conclusion of Viewpro’s participation in the 16th International Industry Fair in Turkey! The event took place at the Tuyap Fair Convention and Congress Center from July 25th to 28th, 2023. At Booth No.: 11A-10A, we proudly presented our cutting-edge...Read more »

  • Important Notice about Anti-fraud
    Post time: 07-11-2023

    Recently we are shocked to find that there are some people who are not our employee providing some quotations or invoices in our company name without authorization. To avoid any loss of our potential clients or causing any negative influence to our company, we have published our sales representat...Read more »

  • Successful Conclusion of Viewpro’s Exhibition at Japan Drone 2023
    Post time: 06-29-2023

    Thank you for your support at Japan Drone 2023, the Expo for the Commercial UAS Market. We are pleased to announce that the exhibition has successfully concluded. At Booth AS16, Viewpro showcased a range of cutting-edge products, including our state-of-the-art AI gimbal camera equipped with advan...Read more »

  • International UAV Expo 2023 in Shenzhen Comes to a Successful Close!
    Post time: 06-06-2023

    We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who joined us at the International UAV Expo 2023 in Shenzhen. It has been an incredible journey, and we are thrilled to announce the conclusion of this remarkable event. Over the past few days, our team had the privilege of showcasing o...Read more »

  • Viewpro showcases Innovation and Receives Enthusiastic Response on the AUVSI XPONENTIAL 2023
    Post time: 05-17-2023

    Viewpro, a leading provider and manufacturer of Gimbal camera for drones/vtol/helicopters, showcased its latest innovations and cutting-edge technologies at the AUVSI XPONENTIAL 2023 in Denver, Colorado from 8th ~11th May. The company’s presence at the event garnered significant attention,...Read more »

  • “Discover Viewpro’s Latest Gimbal Cameras for Drones and UAVs at XPONENTIAL 2023 in Denver!”
    Post time: 05-09-2023

    We’re excited to announce that Viewpro is currently exhibiting at XPONENTIAL 2023 in Denver, USA, for a three-day event from May 9th to 11th. We’ve prepared an incredible display at Booth 4234 and we invite you to come and explore our cutting-edge gimbal cameras for drones and UAVs. W...Read more »

  • Viewpro Launches New Logo to Reflect Its Evolving Brand
    Post time: 05-04-2023

    Viewpro, a leading provider of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) services, has announced the launch of a new logo as part of its ongoing rebranding efforts. The updated logo features a sleek and modern design that better reflects the company’s commitment to innovation and excellence. “We...Read more »

  • A40 pro is now ready for order!
    Post time: 04-20-2023

    It’s NOW! A40 pro is now ready for order! Here is the early bird price (Viewport version) for different time: Part1: Time: 00:00 20th April ~ 24:00 30th April Early Bird price: US$1399 Part2: Time: 00:00 2nd May ~ 24:00 12th May Early Bird price: US$1499 Part3: Time: 00:00 15th May ~ 24:00...Read more »

  • Viewpro’s VTOL Solution Receives High Praise from Spanish National Security Forces
    Post time: 03-17-2023

    The customer, based in Spain, purchased several Great Shark F320 VTOL for their Security operations and was highly impressed with its performance and capabilities. They were particularly impressed with its stability, maneuverability, safty, and the high-quality images and videos it was able to ca...Read more »

  • Viewpro hummingbird series launched!
    Post time: 03-11-2023

    Q2DE & Q107 hummingbird series is another blockbuster products at IDEX2023! People is attracted by their extremely light and small design. The weight is less than 130g for dual sensor cameras. Q2DE is dual EO sensor with AI based board for car/human AI identification, FOV can switch from wide...Read more »

  • The Hawkeye series Ultra light-weight EO/IR Camera launched by Viewpro
    Post time: 02-27-2023

    In response to market demand and customer requirements, Viewpro launched the new generation of Micro primes lens EO/IR gimbal camera which is focus on the micro UAV systems. Combined the IR Thermal sensor and high definition visual camera with Viewpro’s leading stabilization and intelligence tech...Read more »

  • Viewpro’s Trip To IDEX 2023 Was A Complete Success.
    Post time: 02-25-2023

    Viewpro had it's 1st and fruitful show in IDEX 2023 which was ended at 24th Feb in Abu Dhabi. About 200 professional visitors from old and new customers were received during the 5 days. Many customers complete the purchase and order signing on site. ...Read more »

  • The China Viewpro UAV Technology Shocked Former Norwegian Prime Minister
    Post time: 02-24-2023

    The need for drone-trained people will increase as drones increasingly take over tasks and areas of use in society. Now several upper secondary schools and universities have seen the need and created study lines within the drone subject. According to the principal at Sola upper secondary school i...Read more »

  • IDEX 2023 is here! The 1st day at IDEX 2023 Just started.
    Post time: 02-20-2023

    IDEX 2023 expo is drawing a significant crowd from all over the world, and Viewpro is excited to display our new generation Hawkeye series micro tracking gimbal camera at IDEX_UAE, the largest defense exhibition in the world, at ADNEC, AbuDhabi. We are showcasing our Hawkeye Series, which include...Read more »

  • IDEX 2023, Viewpro is Coming!
    Post time: 01-06-2023

    Viewpro will attend The Internetional Defence Exhibition and Conference (IDEX) which will be hold in ADNEC, Abu Dhabi during Feb 20-24, 2023! Booth no.: 11-A43 As a top leading manufacturer for drone cameras and drone solution provider, Viewpro...Read more »

  • What’s the Biggest Fixed-wing Viewpro can Supply?
    Post time: 01-03-2023

    Imagine flying for 10 hours continuously with a load of 35kg, freely shuttling among mountains, plateaus, deserts, jungles and so on. What kind of experience is this? No doubt awesome. This is Viewpro's fixed-wing F630, which has a wingspan of ...Read more »

  • New Launch! Quintuple-sensor Gimbal Camera for Pixhawk Drones
    Post time: 12-23-2022

    New arrival quintuple-sensor H30N launched in market as expected after several months experiment. Viewpro’s first model for dual IR and dual EO integrated LRF-- your dreaming hybrid payload! It's a initiate camera for Pixhawk drones. ...Read more »

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