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Application Areas of Drones

Application Areas of Drones

1621930163In recent years, the development of UAV aerial photography technology is obvious to all. Aerial photography technology is an important means of image acquisition. It has the advantages of being less affected by the weather, convenient and flexible, can quickly complete the take-off and landing, and the shooting image is clear, and it can reach many small places. UAVs can now be seen in all major fields. With the continuous improvement of UAV technology, the application field and scope of UAVs are still expanding.

Disaster relief

Use drones to understand the surrounding environment information and spatial distribution, and systematically analyze the rationality of the placement points, so as to achieve the purpose of scientific disaster relief.

Street view shooting, surveillance inspection

UAVs with camera devices are used to carry out large-scale aerial photography to achieve the effect of aerial views.Don't forget, in areas covered by clouds and fog all the year round, when remote sensing satellites are not bright enough, drones may have to charge forward.

Power inspection

UAVs equipped with high-definition digital video cameras and cameras and GPS positioning systems. UAVs can regularly perform positioning and autonomous cruises along the power grid, and carry out a full-line investigation to ensure circuit safety, which is conducive to increasing special search for key areas of the line Intensity. Real-time transmission of captured images, monitoring personnel can simultaneously watch and control on the computer.

Agricultural plant protection

UAVs are used as flying platforms, equipped with medicine boxes, spraying equipment or monitoring equipment, to spray pesticides or collect data on farmland. UAVs for plant protection have been recognized by the industry a few years ago. Coupled with the rapid and efficient advantages of plant protection UAVs, this field will definitely be paid attention to by more and more people.

Traffic surveillance

Help the public security city traffic management departments to jointly solve the stubborn traffic problems in large and medium cities, realize regional control, ensure smooth traffic, respond to unexpected traffic incidents, and implement emergency rescue.

Post time: 03-08-2020