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UAV Development Trend

UAV Development Trend

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The combination of mobile communication network and UAV technology can better solve the problems of the UAV industry such as supervision, measurement and control. The UAV network has already implemented some applications in the 4G network, and 5G can do better and more perfect.

UAV is an unmanned aircraft operated by radio remote control equipment and self-provided program control device. It involves sensor technology, communication technology, information processing technology, intelligent control technology, and aerodynamic propulsion technology. It is a product of high technology content in the information age.

The value of drones lies in the formation of an aerial platform, combined with other components to expand applications, and replace humans in completing aerial operations. With the gradual maturity of UAV R&D technology, UAVs have been widely used in various fields. In addition to military applications, they also include agricultural plant protection, power inspection, police law enforcement, geological prospecting, environmental monitoring, Civilian fields such as forest fire prevention and film and television aerial photography, and their applicable fields are still expanding rapidly.

The rapid growth of the civilian consumer drone market is inevitable. The development of lightweight composite materials and communication systems provide basic conditions, and the maturity of flight control technology makes the operation of multi-rotor UAVs more flexible and convenient.The combination of drones and cameras has been widely used in a variety of scenarios, achieving a breakthrough in the sales-level market.

Positioning observation, base security, scenic spot monitoring, geological survey, field operations, forest fire prevention, emergency communications, public security counter-terrorism, traffic supervision, news interviews, engineering monitoring, environmental monitoring, film and television shooting, science It has broad application prospects in research, national defense and military industry.

There are more and more signs that drones are changing our future. The features of drones that can be disassembled, assembled, and programmed can fully cultivate and improve students' comprehensive qualities such as practical ability and problem-solving ability, and drone applications are the future global development trend and become a compulsory education class".

Post time: 04-18-2020