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Viewpro Launched AI Series Gimbal Camera

Viewpro Launched AI Series Gimbal Camera

2022 New Model Cameras for Drone


Viewpro AI series gimbal cameras for drone is officially launched in 2022! After a long period meticulous design, development, verification and refinement, Viewpro finally  present this new masterpiece.

The new series includes dual-sensor model A40T and LRF model A30TR, and more models are coming. Besides AI function, the IR thermal camera that Viewpro adopts to this series is upgrade to be 640*512 12μm which is more suitable for high quality image requirement applications.

Along with the new series, Viewpro launched some other new models with upgrade parameters such as: Q20KTIR pro with HD IR thermal camera (1280*1024),  Q40T with 40x optical zoom SONY EO camera module, Mini Z10TIRM LRF model with upgrade IR thermal camera...

For more information, please contact with our salesman or send email to: info@viewprotech.com




Post time: 02-15-2022