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New Launch! Quintuple-sensor Gimbal Camera for Pixhawk Drones

New Launch! Quintuple-sensor Gimbal Camera for Pixhawk Drones

H30N Ins 01

New arrival quintuple-sensor H30N launched in market as expected after several months experiment. Viewpros first model for dual IR and dual EO integrated LRF-- your dreaming hybrid payload! It's a initiate camera for Pixhawk drones.

H30N Ins 02

20x Optical Zoom SONY Sensor with 1080p FPV camera

Equipped 4K ultra HD camera with 20x optical zoom SONY sensor, the observation range is up to 3000 meters. 1080P FPV camera is able to view in wide angle.

Furthermore, H30N supports 4K video storage with IP output.

Advanced Thermal Zoom Technology

H30N equips dual IR thermal imager with 640*480 pixel, one is 13mm to achieve the surveillance in wide range and another is 500m to fulfill inspection in detailed.

To reveal further details , Thermal zooming can realize when IR sensor switch from thermal 1 to thermal 2

Max Range 1000m LRF

Equipping 1000 meters laser rangefinder, The advanced location calculating algorithm is used to calculate the distance of the object within 1000 meters, accurately analyze the longitude and latitude of the object.


Visit here to unlock more: H30N instruction

We have so many exciting models and innovation ahead of us next year, and we can’t wait to start sharing these with our customers!

Wishes everyone a lovely Christmas and a fantastic New Year!

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Post time: 12-23-2022