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What’s the Biggest Fixed-wing Viewpro can Supply?

What’s the Biggest Fixed-wing Viewpro can Supply?

Fixed-wing F630

Imagine flying for 10 hours continuously with a load of 35kg, freely shuttling among mountains, plateaus, deserts, jungles and so on. What kind of experience is this? No doubt awesome.

This is Viewpro's fixed-wing F630, which has a wingspan of 6.3m, a maximum load capacity of 50kg, and a maximum take-off weight of 165kg. The biggest fixed-wing of Viewpro so far. The super load-carrying capacity and ultra-long-distance transport capacity make the F630 like a blue whale soaring in the sky, able to complete various difficult and high-intensity tasks.

Falcon F630 Video cover

Visit here to see it in action:


Not just a manufacturer, Viewpro uses their enthusiasm and experience in drones to provide each user with the most complete solution.

Are you ready? Fly with Viewpro in the new year 2023!

Post time: 01-03-2023