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Baseboard for Drone aircraft flight controller customization

Flight controller baseboard customized according to your demand for your aircrafts
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Product Detail

This is for Customized items. If any needs please contact us. Do not place order in this link direactly.


Flight Controller&Baseboard Customize


Flight Controller Customize

LOGO customized

Support to customize your LOGO and printing pattern on the product shell MOQ: 10-100


Shape customized

Design the shape of the flight controller or baseboard according to the space and structure of your vehicle


Module Integration

Different functional modules can be integrated according to requirements, such as: RTK, Telemetry, Airspeed meter, Power module,etc


Flight Controller Customize

The shape of the bottom plate is designed according to the internal structure of your aircraft, and the position of the interface is designed according to the installation position of each module, so as to greatly improve the convenience of your installation and maintenance, and make the wiring more reasonable and beautiful

MOQ:100 Custom fee: Price according to the difficulty of demand

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