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Searchlight PWM control UAV Searchlight Brightness adjustment Color adjustment

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Product Detail

ASL03 airborne night searchlight guide light


Onboard switch, quick and easy to use

The searchlight guide light has the function of turning on the

light without remote control, which provides a more

convenient way for field applications.

When the UAV remote control channel is limited, only need to

access the angle control signal,

For night flight operations with relatively fixed light color and

brightness, just press the switch before the drone takes off to

turn on the lights and adjust the color/brightness!

Aluminum alloy shell, excellent protection performance

The product adopts aviation aluminum alloy design with good protection effect, giving you more peace of mind in complex environments.

Through intelligent temperature control and aluminum alloy large-area fan heat fins, it is safe and stable, long-lasting and durable.


High-precision dual-axis swing, 90-degree pitch control

Use 20kg high-torque digital steering gear to control the lighting direction,internal all-metal gear drive, good performance and long life;

Through the remote control switch, the lighting pitch angle can be

adjusted, with high control accuracy, stability and durability.

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