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UAV Parachute Recovery System for Multi-copter, VTOL, Helicopters  Drone Flight Safety Solutions


DP-30/DP-40 is a fastest and most efficient UAV safety parachute recovery solutions which can rescue the drone under emergency situation. It is plug and play and can be triggered automatically within 0.1s or triggered by manual via remote controller. It is available for all type of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle.

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Viewpro DP-30/DP-40 is professional grade safety parachute recovery system for multi-copter, VTOL,Helicopters during flight when any unexpected emergency situation occurs. The parachute system will prevent the drone from crashing and ensure UAV landing safely to avoid loss.
DP-30/DP-40 is light-weight, smart and autonomous which can detect the drone flight status 100times per second, that means the parachute communicate with flight control in real time and stand-by all the time.
The trigger way supports automatically and manually via remote control. It is with built-in 380mAH battery and also support 5v external power supply.
With powerful propellant, the parachute can be open within 0.1s after triggering, and the parachute and ejection barrel can be reused. 

DP30 Ins (1)
DP30 Ins (2)
DP30 Ins (3)
DP30 Ins (1)
DP30 Ins (2)
DP30 Ins (3)
DP30 Ins (4)
DP30 Ins (5)
DP30 Ins (6)
DP30 Ins (7)
DP30 Ins (8)
DP30 Ins (9)
DP30 Ins (10)
DP30 Ins (4)
Model DP-30 DP-40
Size Diameter 105mm/ High 165mm Diameter 105mm/ High 180mm
Installation position 116mm*116mm (M4*4) 116mm*116mm (M4*4)
Port 5PIN Waterproof interface 5PIN Waterproof interface
Load <30kg <40kg
Diameter 3500mm 4000mm
Service voltage 5v 5v
Cell capacity 380mAh 380mAh
Attitude perception range ±90° ±90°
Trigger Angle ± 80° ± 80°
Falling trigger 0.5g/1.6s 0.5g/1.6s
Working hours 8h 8h
Trigger method Attitude/Fall/PWM/SDI Attitude/Fall/PWM/SDI
Data communication Bi-directional Bi-directional
PWM pulse width 1000-2000us(50Hz,1750-2000us Trigger open) 1000-2000us(50Hz,1750-2000us Trigger open)
Power off 10s 10s
Power on and self-working yes yes
Ejection way PT30 propellant PT40 propellant
Weight 650g 800g
Suggested parachute shield refolding frequency 6 months / 3 months in humid environment(regional environment) 6 months / 3 months in humid environment(regional environment)
Working Temperature -10—45℃ -10—45℃

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