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Benewake TF03-100 / 180 LiDAR Distance Sensor 180m Obstacle Avoidance Radar

100m/180m Range / 0.5° FOV / 10KHZ Framerate / 100Klux / IP67

TF03 is a industrial high-speed LiDAR, It contains two versions with 100m and 180m. TF03 includes compensation algorithms for outdoor glare and other interference, so it works normally under strong light environment and rain, fog and snow conditions. Different built-in operating modes let customers change parameters and configuration to meet their need.

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TF03 Ins 01
TF03 Ins 02
TF03 Ins 03
TF03 Ins 04
TF03 Ins 05
TF03 Ins 06
TF03 Ins 07
TF03 Ins 08
TF03 Ins 10
TF03 Ins 11
TF03 Ins 12
TF03 Ins 13

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