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High Accuracy Autopilot for Drone S50 Customized Flight Control and Navigation System

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The flight control and navigation system S50 specially designed for the compound UAV (vertical take-off and landing fixed-wing) which is suitable for various conventional fixed-wing and quadrotor aircraft.

With internal integrated flight control computer and micro-integrated navigation system (GPS/MINS). It can realize one-key automatic takeoff, landing, hovering, returning, altitude setting, parachute trigger and various forms of autonomous cruising functions according to the scheduled route.

In addition, the S50 provides comprehensive flight status monitoring and alarm functions and perfect emergency protection mechanism to ensure the safe operation of the system.

S50 Ins 01
S50 Ins 02
S50 Ins 03
S50 Ins 04
S50 Ins 05
S50 Ins 06
S50 Ins 07
S50 Ins 08
S50 Ins 09
S50 Ins 10
S50 Ins 11
S50 Ins 12
S50 Ins 13
S50 Ins 14
S50 Ins 15
S50 Ins 17

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