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PX4 Autopilot Open Source FC for Drone Developers

PX4 V2.4.8
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PX4 2.4.8 is newly released by the famous open source flight control hardware manufacturer, which is a new generation of flight control system. It adopts a high-performance 32-bit ARM processor, and all hardware is open source, and the chips and sensors used are disclose. All buses and peripherals are exported, not only compatible with other peripherals, but also more convenient for users with strong development capabilities. The flight control has built-in dual processors, one of which is a powerful 32-bit stm32f427cortex, M4 core 168MHz/256KB RAM/2MB Flash processor; the other is a coprocessor for industrial use: 32bit STM32F103, which runs stably and ensures safe operation.

PX4 Ins 01
PX4 Ins 02
PX4 Ins 03
PX4 Ins 04
PX4 Ins 05
PX4 Ins 06
PX4 Ins 07
PX4 Ins 08
PX4 Ins 09
PX4 Ins 10
PX4 Ins 11
PX4 Ins 12
PX4 Ins 13

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